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Morse Code PR specializes in lifestyle, fashion and entertainment accounts. Founded in 2004, the boutique public relations agency's core strength is developing and branding small businesses and personalities. Company Founder and President Haasan Morse is key to the firm's success. Under his leadership, the company lavishes its clients with highly personalized services, strategic thinking, engaging writing and winning pitches.

The firm's mission is to connect the dots with top-tier media outlets, industry professionals and influencers. The results of those connections provide clients with increased visibility, credibility, opportunity and ultimately revenue. Morse Code PR's ability to supply timely, significant media placements offer patrons a substantial return on investment and the ability to market and build upon their PR achievements. Developing and maintaining a brand or personality can be challenging work. Once a client is willing to invest in themselves, the agency takes that commitment and trust seriously - demonstrating an unyielding allegiance to the achievement of clients' goals.

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